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RPM Foundation Series: Great Race X-Cup Team Olivia Gadjo & Kinzie Wilson #WhatDrivesYOUth

September 22, 2022 John Meyer and Jason Carr
Get Out N Drive Podcast
RPM Foundation Series: Great Race X-Cup Team Olivia Gadjo & Kinzie Wilson #WhatDrivesYOUth
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Show Notes

Ride along with Jason OldeCarrGuy Carr & John CustomCarNerd Meyer as they talk with the Great Race X-Cup Team duo Olivia Gadjo & Kinzie Wilson as part of the RPM Foundation Sessions.

Each year, the RPM Foundation trains, supports, & sponsors youth teams as they get the amazing experience of participating in the Great Race. The guys chat with Olivia & Kinzie about what it takes to navigate the Great Race. It's not an easy task! This X-Cup Team lets us in on all things Great Race, what it's like coming up as a women in the motorsports industry, & how the RPM Foundation is supporting them in all aspects of their motorsports industry journey.

The Get Out N Drive Podcast has teamed with the RPM Foundation to encourage youth nationwide to explore careers in the collector car industry as part of the #WhatDrivesYOUth initiative.  Your donation will help support scholarship funding for students pursuing a career in vehicle restoration and preservation.

This year, the Get Out N Drive Podcast is partnering with the  Rallista App for Drive Day 2022. You’ll be able to download & use the Rallista App to plan your route for Drive Day 2022. The Rallista App allows you to plan your drive, share it with anyone, & make an Event so your friends can get together and Get Out N Drive.  When you plan your drive in the Rallista App, be sure to add “Drive Day 2022” in the title so everyone participating in National Get Out N Drive Day can enjoy your drive.

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