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A Day In The Life Of AJ Ware Of Petty GMS: The Inaugural Illinois 300 NASCAR Race

June 29, 2022 John Meyer and Jason Carr
Get Out N Drive Podcast
A Day In The Life Of AJ Ware Of Petty GMS: The Inaugural Illinois 300 NASCAR Race
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Show Notes

Ride along with Jason OldeCarrGuy Carr and John CustomCarNerd Meyer catch up AJ Ware after the Illinois 300 at the Worldwide Technologies Raceway near St. Louis, MO. 
John and his son Austin were treated to a VIP experience courtesy of AJ Ware of Petty GMS Motorsports at the Illinois 300. Austin and John were able to shadow AJ through his rigorous schedule as he navigates race day and makes all the important stuff happen! Appearances, meeting sponsors, looking out for the next sponsor and keeping Richard Petty on track. The guys were WORN OUT running a day in his shoes! It might by fun, but it's not all fun and games. AJ is the hardest working guy in NASCAR. The guys had a front row seat to all action and saw first hand, what incredible athletes the pit crew is made up of.  Richard Petty may be The King, but his team is a force to be reckoned with! Find out what it takes to get into sports marketing and be in the NASCAR inner circle. #WhatDrivesYOUth

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