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Vehicle Safety Features: The Rise Of The Bad Driver - A Get Out N Drive Detour Episode

June 21, 2022 John Meyer and Jason Carr
Get Out N Drive Podcast
Vehicle Safety Features: The Rise Of The Bad Driver - A Get Out N Drive Detour Episode
Show Notes

Ride along as Jason OldeCarrGuy Carr and John CustomCarNerd Meyer talk vehicle safety features. Safety features make safer drivers, right? The list of safety features in new vehicles is a mile long. Innovations in automotive safety has saved countless lives with better braking systems, a multitude of air bags and strategically placed crumple zones. These features, and many others, provide drivers with a protective shell that makes them lose their connection with the road, paving the way for distracted driving at high speeds, trusting that the vehicle will pick up the slack and watch the road on their behalf.

Driving has always had an element of danger. The days of the horseless carriage brought innovative safety practices such as requiring the driver to exit the car and fire a shot gun into the air before proceeding through an intersection. Fast forward to 2021 and innovation in the auto industry has taken vehicle safety responsibility away from the driver. Don’t know how to parallel park. That’s ok. It has been delegated to self-parking features. Need to change lanes, backup or even stop without looking? No worries, the car will do it for you in a fraction of a second. A beeper, buzzer or flashing light will keep you posted on what’s happening on the road. Soundproof cabins, surround sound and comfy couch like seating will keep the racket of emergency vehicles from interrupting your morning commute as you drink your morning coffee.

The next time you get into your late model car, stop and think about what you don’t see, feel or hear. It may save your life.

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